可爱不是长久之计 但爱你可是长久之计Loveliness is n

简介: 一、可爱不是长久之计 但爱你可是长久之计Loveliness is not a long-term solution, but loving you is a long-term solution.二、见到你第一面我就

一、可爱不是长久之计 但爱你可是长久之计Loveliness is not a long-term solution, but loving you is a long-term solution.二、见到你第一面我就想认识你 他们斯文人把这个叫做一见钟情The first time I saw you, I wanted to know you. They called this love at first sight三、你可以把余生交给我保管 可以霸占我情话里的每一句喜欢can lee the rest of your life in my custody and take over everything I like in my love story四、何止是野心 我预谋了一辈子的念想 从无聊你开始 不见黄土不死心It's more than ambition. I've been thinking about it my whole life. Starting with boredom, you don't see the loess. You don't give up 五、我想牵着你的手走遍大街小巷I want to take you by the hand and walk all over the streets 六、如果终点有你 那不论多远的路 我都愿意去走If there is you at the end, no matter how far I am willing to go七、世界需要讲道理 但我最偏心你The world needs reason, but I am most partial to you.八、宇航员终究会找到他的月亮 我找到你了Astronauts will eventually find his moon. I he found you九、你是我藏在云层里的月亮也是我穷其一生要寻找的宝藏.You are the moon I hid in the clouds and the treasure I he been searching for all my life.十、人间百味 日月星河 浪漫斜阳 与你共度The world tastes the sun, the moon, the stars and the river, the romantic setting sun to spend with you 十一、我没觉得繁琐 说的浪漫点 我完全爱你I don't think it's too romantic. I totally love you 十二、我的耐心和偏爱都是为你准备My patience and preference are for you.十三、我希望我们眉眼间的故事都可以走到最后I hope that the story between our eyebrows can come to the end. 十四、永远这个词说起来有些不切实际 所以我向你承诺 在看得见的未来里 我会一直爱你.The word forever is a little unrealistic, so I promise you I will always love you for the foreseeable future. 十五、大桶的爆米花和你一起吃 超大杯的果汁和你一起喝 以后的路再长也要和你一起走.Big barrel of popcorn, big cup of fruit juice with you, and you will go with you for a long time.十六、你可以不用长大 永远做我的小男孩儿 累了就跑到我怀里歇一会儿吧 委屈了一定要和我说 你不是没人疼的小孩哦.You don't he to grow up to be my little boy forever. When you are tired, run to my arms and rest for a while. If you are wronged, you must tell me that you are not a child who no one hurts. 十七、想赖在你怀里搂着你的脖子 在耳边说好多好多遍我喜欢你我只喜欢你.I want to lie in your arms and put my arms around your neck and say in my ear many, many times, I like you, I only like you. 十八、我不懂篮球不懂鞋 打游戏也很菜 但我可以听你讲游戏 可以在你打篮球后送水给你 可以陪你存钱买鞋 前提是你.I don't know basketball, shoes, and games are also very delicious, but I can listen to you and tell you that games can send water to you after you play basketball, and can accompany you to se money to buy shoes, provided that you.十九、闹脾气也好 丢狠话也好 就算冷战也好 但一定不要丢下我静一静缓缓气 我还需要你的拥抱 你是我最离不开的.If you he a temper or a bad word, even if it is a cold war, don't lee me alone. Calm down and slow down. I still need your hug. You are the most inseparable from me. 二十、希望我们绝不冷战 轮流道歉不提分手 即使生活不易 我也希望你会在我的未来里 毕竟我已经把你规划到我的未来计划表里了.I hope we never take turns apologizing and not breaking up. Even if life is not easy, I hope you will be in my future. After all, I he planned you into my future schedule. 二十一、你真是狡猾为了见我都跑到我梦里来了You're so cunning. You came to my dream to see me二十二、小熊给你糖糖给你草莓给你你跟我回家好不好Bear, here's candy. Here's strawberry. Will you come home with me 二十三、海水有尽头月亮有圆缺人间是有不足但你在就能弥补The sea has an end, the moon has a circle, and there are deficiencies, but you can make up for it now 二十四、我们逃走吧日暮银河别在梦里Let's get out of here, twilight galaxy. Don't dream 二十五、喜欢你的心像小姑娘跳着跑时一蹦一蹦的麻花辫儿Like your heart like a little girl jumping when running a twist of braids 二十六、我有一点点甜一点点可爱还有很多很多喜欢你I'm a little sweet, a little cute, and a lot like you 二十七、人总是会变的从一开始的喜欢你到后来的更喜欢你People will always change from the beginning like you to later like you more 二十八、我也有个少女梦像个小孩要糖果像个公主要亲亲傻的可爱也会想让你摸摸头I he a teenage dream, too. I want candy like a child, I want a princess, I want a kiss, and I want you to touch your head 二十九、我要做一个会撒糖糖的小孩子走一路糖撒一路让和我一起走在路上的你甜到心里I want to be a kid who can sprinkle sugar all the way so that you will feel sweet when walking with me on the road.三十、我一般生完气一会儿就又开始笑了其实我也想酷酷的不理人可是我憋不住啊I usually start laughing again after I get angry. In fact, I also want to be cool and ignore people, but I can't help it


可爱不是长久之计 但爱你可是长久之计Loveliness is n