Break away from 躲开,脱离You never br

简介: Break away from 躲开,脱离You never break away from it and it becomes the rest of your life.有的事,你永远不能从中抽脱,慢慢它就变成了你

短语动词是动词、介词、副词通过一定的结合而组成的,主要有如下六种:1)动词+副词Put on 穿上;上演The children put on some warm clothes.孩子们穿上了一些暖和的衣服。

Pick out 挑出来At lunch, they pick out their own meals, which all schools give free, and carry the trays to lunch tables.午饭时,他们选择自己喜欢的食物,这些事物都是学校免费的,打完饭菜就端到桌子上吃起来。

Break in 打断It's her usual habit to break in with some ideas of her own.他常常打断别人的话来发表自己的观点。

Run away 跑掉But I still wanted to run away.但是,我还是想逃走,离开这个地方。

Put down 放下;写下Lacking this, ideas should be put down on paper.要是没有的话,就在纸上记录下来这些想法.Go back 回去Jot down the thought or idea and go back to what you were doing.简单记下想法或念头,然后回去做你刚才做的事情。

Throw away 扔掉Throw away your fear while embracing your compassion, not just for others but yourselves as well.扔掉恐惧,拥抱你的同情之心,不仅为了他人也为你自己。

Think over 认真考虑Can I persuade you to think over our propose.我劝你仔细考虑我们的建议。

Go ahead 开始干Go ahead and try. Make me laugh!去试一试,为我制造更多笑料!

Go about 从事,着手做I must go about my business.我必须忙我自己的事。

Look around 环顾Look around you she ordered herself.看看你的周围,她命令自己。

Break out 爆发But when you want to break out of the comfort zone, you he to first break your routine.但当你想要从舒适的生活中挣脱而出,首先需要打破常规。

Set up 搭起;创建This theatre is set up for children.这座剧院是为儿童设置的。

Look through 仔细浏览Look through all of your photos and videos. Change or remove anything that you think shouldnot be up there.浏览自己上传的所有照片和视频,把觉得没必要保留的统统改掉或者删除。

Go on 继续The talks cannot go on for ever.会谈不能永远继续下去。

Break into 破门而入After months of sending out resumes, you finally break into the wong world.经过几个月简历的投递,你终于闯入了工作的世界。

Care for 喜欢We should care for them and not thwart their enthusiasm.我们应该关心和爱护他们,而不是阻碍他么的积极性。

Care about 关心Share this with anyone you care about.和任何你关心的人分享这些.Look after 照顾My job is to look after these patients.我的工作就是照顾好这些病人。

Get off 下车Excuse me, I he to get off at the next stop.劳驾,我必须在下一站下车。

Listen to 听I know when to listen to it and when to use it.我知道什么时候该聆听它,什么时候该利用它。

Look at 看Look at how to do this next.下面来看这是如何做到的。

Arrive at 到达The question is how to arrive at your opinions and not what your opinions are.问题在于,你究竟是如何到达你的观点的,而绝非你的观点是什么。

Work on 从事We need to put in our time and work on our skills.我们需要投入自己的时间和技艺在我们的工作上。

Go through 从......穿过With someone I love I can go through all the hardships of life together.和我爱的人在一起,我可以和他一起渡过生活中的一切难关。

Come across 偶然碰到When you come across something important,write it down.当你遇到重要的事情时,把它记下来.3)动词+副词+介词Go in for 从事,参加To go in for sports helps you stay fit.参加体育活动能帮助你保持健壮的体魄。

Look forward to 盼望I look forward to your guidance.我期待获得你们的指导。

Catch up with 赶上,超过I must catch up with my class.我必须赶上同班同学。

Go on with 继续Whether he will come (or not), we will go on with our plan.不管他来不来,我们仍按原计划进行。

Do away with 废除掉Do away with the bad habits that might damage your health.去掉那些有可能损害你健康的坏习惯。

Break away from 躲开,脱离You never break away from it and it becomes the rest of your life.有的事,你永远不能从中抽脱,慢慢它就变成了你剩下的生命。

Keep out of 使......不进入Keep out of my sight.不要出现在我的视线里。

4)动词+名词+介词Catch hold of 抓住Catch hold of this rope,and we'll pull you up.抓住这根绳子,我们就会把你拉上来.Pay attention to 注意Do you pay attention to what you say to yourself?你曾注意过你对自己说什么了吗?

Take part in 参加Take part in something you believe in.参与到你所信仰的事情当中。

Get rid of 摆脱Get rid of the distractions around you.除去周围分散你注意力的事物。

Take notice of 注意到If you want people to take notice of you, you must make your accomplishments visible.如果你想别人注意到你,一定要让别人看得见你的成绩。

Take pride in 为......自豪I used to take pride in training people and seeing them zoom up the ladder.我过去常常以培训别人、看着他们迅速高升而自豪。

Show interest in 对......表现出兴趣Join in some discussions and show interest in other people's ideas.参加一些讨论,并对别人的观点表现出你的兴趣。

Be afraid of 害怕When I don't he to worry or be afraid of anything, then I am free to give love to everyonearound me.当我不需要担心或害怕任何事情时,那么我就可以自由的爱我身边的每一个人。

Be famous for 以......出名Beijing is famous for it's history. Now it will be famous for holding the 2008 Olympic Games.北京以它的历史而闻名。

Be sure about/of 对......有把握Know your objectives, and be sure about what you're hoping to achieve.知道自己的目标,并确定您希望得到什么。

We he to be sure of that first.我们得确信这是第一位的。

Be good at 擅长于......To be good at self promotion, you are going to he to learn a few marketing skills.为了帮助你更好的进行自我推销,首先你需要学习一些市场营销的技巧。

Be good for 对......有好处This will be good for our personal health as well as for the health of the planet.这必将有益于我们的个人健康,也有益于地球的健康。

Be good to 对.......友好Once I've reached those areas of concern, I should be good to go.一旦我到达了所关注的区域,我就可以很好地完成工作。

Be ready for 为......做好准备I think I’ll he an early night and be ready for tomorrow.我想今天晚上得早点休息,为明天做准备。

Be active in 在......积极Every season invites the nature lover to get out and be active in the couyside.这里一年四季都适合爱好大自然的人出门到乡间去活跃一番。

Be proud of 以......为骄傲You are the pride of us , you will be proud of us in the future.你现在是我们的骄傲,我们将来才能是你的自豪。

Take aim 瞄准Or take aim at the one person you know won't be offended: Yourself.或者将靶子对准你知道不会得罪的那个人:你自己。

Play truant 逃学Children who play truant from school are unimaginative.逃学的孩子们都缺乏想像力。

Care for 喜欢=likeWe should care for them and not thwart their enthusiasm.我们应该关心和爱护他们,而不是阻碍他么的积极性。

Go by 经过=passMy cousins entertained me by taking me out in their boats to watch the trains go by.我的堂兄招待我乘坐他们的小船去看经过的火车。

Bring up 教育=educateThe greatest thing you can do for the world is to bring up your children to become loving, caringand responsible citizens.将你的孩子培养成为有爱心的,关心他人的,有责任的市民是你能为这个世界做的最重要的事。

Ring up 打电话=telephoneIf you see it, ring up the police at once.你要是看到它,请立即打电话通知局。


Break away from 躲开,脱离You never br